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about us

We are recognized as a Public Charity under Section 46 of the Income Tax Ordinance.



How  and why the organization was established:

My name is Orli Freund, married plus three children. I look like an average woman. No one could see I was broken inside. I studied at the university and received a degree in accounting and economics and lectured at the local college. During my childhood, from the age of five to twenty, I was a victim of brutal sexual abuse by my aunt’s husband. Because of the abuse, I suffered extreme anguish and distress. I experienced fear, sadness, guilt and more every day of my life.

After my first baby girl was born, I had to do something.

I didn’t want my little girl to suffer as I had. I started to talk about how my uncle had abused me. When my extended family did nothing, I filed a complaint against my uncle, and fought for 14 years to bring him to justice.

He was found guilty and spent the rest of his life in jail.

I started therapy, but after less than two years I found

I couldn’t afford it. After the trial, I could not go on without emotional assistance. A group of donors donated the money for my treatment. My life was saved. For the first time I could see the horizon and plan my future. I no longer wanted to die.

I wanted to give the same gift to others, so I founded a non-profit organization, “Together from Darkness to Light”, to provide group therapy for other victims of sexual abuse during childhood.

Everyone who has suffered such atrocities needs to know that life can be different, better, and even beautiful.

I want them to know that there are those who want to help them get professional help.



What's unique about our organization?

  • There is a serious shortage in mental therapy assistance  for those who have experienced sexual abuse in childhood. Long-term therapy groups almost do not exist in Israel.

  • Supervision of the group is by two experienced psychologists of high professional quality, a man and a woman, who have Master’s degrees in psychology and are trained in rehabilitation. It is our belief that sitting together with a therapist from the opposite gender is therapeutic.

  • We are the only organization that has groups for men and women survivors of child abuse sitting together at the same group. We believe that victims from the opposite gender being together in a healing process is therapeutic by itself.

  • We in the future intend to accompanying the groups by a long term research.





Purpose and Goals of the Organization:

"Together From Darkness To Light" was established by Orli Froind. Orli is a victim of brutal sexual abuse from the age of 5 to 20 years old. Our goal is to provide free group therapy to those over 18 years of age who have been injured by sexual abuse in childhood (men and women).

Our dream is to be able to answer any call for help and to provide treatment until it is no longer required. The healing process then comes to an end.


Why group therapy?

Groups are powerful therapeutic tools for sexual abuse survivors.





Operative Framework for the Therapeutic Group





Founders and Board of Directors:

“Together from Darkness To Light”, NGO no. 580570158,

was founded by Orli Freund and her partners in 2013.

All members of the organization are volunteers. There are no paid employees, except of Orli foind the CEO that earns 790$ a month since March 2015.

The founding members are:

  • Dan Ofer – Attorney, Chairman of the Board

  • Boris Ayusha- Deputy Chairman of the Board

  • Orli Fruend – CEO - Promoter.

  • Iris Ayusha

  • Yael Dan – Radio broadcaster and editor, friend and partner for many years

  • Galit Toledano – Executive Director, YRF


  • Boaz Shavit – Clinical Psychologis




Dan Ofer, attorney, a volunteer for all legal matters of the organization.  
Shaul Solomon, accountant, volunteers as an external auditor.


 Enabling therapy for child abuse survivors means giving them and their loved ones the chance to be happy despite the trauma.

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