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We are recognized as a Public Charity under Section 46 of the Income Tax Ordinance.


During the almost three years of our activity I have come face to face with the great distress caused by the insufficient availability of affordable therapy for men and women who experienced sexual abuse in childhood.  My own experience and familiarity with this distress were insufficient to deal with the daily reality of these requests for help.


Happily, great pain sometimes begets solutions.  I decided to send out an appeal to psychologists, social workers, and therapists with the appropriate training, to take on one client who was abused in childhood for a fee of between 13$ and 26$ per session.  This creates an affordable avenue to change and recovery for many people who need it.  I was touched to the depths of my heart: in spite of what I went through in childhood, I always knew that there are many good people who wish to give of themselves to others.


Within less than a week 47 therapists responded to my appeal; now there are more than 150 who have expressed their desire to be involved in this project.  More than 100 are already working with clients.


I wish to make it clear that the organization serves only as a provider of information that enables a connection between a therapist who has volunteered to give therapy at an affordable price and a client asking for help.  Prospective clients must consider the ‘fit’ between themselves and the therapists as they would with any therapist to whom they were referred.  Our referral is not a recommendation.


Cities and towns where we can provide information about affordable therapy:


Individual therapy:

Tel -Aviv            Rehovot             Kiryat Tivon       Tel Mond     Makabim   Kfar monash

Jerusalem          Binyamina          Haifa                Hertselia     karkur       Kiryat Motskin

Kfar  Tavor         Holon                Raanana           kfar Saba     Kfer Harutsim

Moshav Gan Shomron                  Zihron Yaacov     Afula         Beit-Sheaan                         Kfar Natar          Emek Hefer         Misgav            Holon  


Psychiatric consultation:



couples and family therapy:

Ramat Gan

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